Super Pup
Vital statistics
Position Captain Dog Sidekick
Age 19 (human years)
Status alive
Physical attributes
Height 5, 8
Weight 101 lbs.
"I brought your bandoleer and knee pads!"

-Super Pup to Captain Dog in Breakout

History Edit

Super Pup is Captain Dog's trusty sidekick.

Super Pup was found in a Catforce Mobile Prison Cell by Captain Dog. He also got snagged in vines and got pulled underwater in Swamp Attack, but Captain Dog also finds Wolfie in the process of saving Super Pup. Super Pup comes to the rescue and brings Captain Dog's bandoleer and knee pads in Breakout.

Appearances Edit

Captain Dog 2: Space Chase

Captain Dog 3: Swamp Attack

Captain Dog 4: Breakout

Gear Edit

Chihuahua-powered ring

Chihuahua-powered laser pistol

Vehicles Edit

Chihuahua Ring Military Jet