Lord Kittyking is the head of the Catforce Military.

History Edit

Lord Kittyking is the second main antagonist in Captain Dog. He had his own asteroid base, but he had to leave it. In

Vital statistics
Position Head of Catforce Military
Age 42 (human years)
Status unkown
Physical attributes
Height 10 ft
Weight 194 lbs
Space Chase, he captured Super Pup in a Catforce Mobile Prisoncell. In Swamp Attack, he ambushes Captain Dog and Super Pup after they get out of the water with Wolfie. In Breakout, he generates Catizalot Energy with Count Catsalot to power the Catforce.

Appearances Edit

Captain Dog 2: Space Chase (first appearance)

Captain Dog 3: Swamp Attack

Captain Dog 4: Breakout

K-9 1: New Recruits

Gear Edit

Superlaser hand-held cannon

All Catforce weapons

Vehicles Edit

Cat Space-Ship

All Catforce vehicles