Vital statistics
Position Chihuahua Spec Ops
Age 18
Status alive
Physical attributes
Height 5, 8"
Weight 148 lbs.

Leopris is K-9's side kick.

History Edit

Leopris started as an agent three days before K-9. Falcon-I introduces them in the Chihuahua Agents Tower. They train together for a few weeks until they are aware of Dog-ville being bombed by R-16 CatBirds. Then they go defend Chihuahua City. They are too late when the great Chihuahua statue is blown to bits. In The Invasion Leopris saves Captain Dog along with K-9 and Falcon-I. She also fights the Inhuman Military.

Appearances Edit

K-9 1: New Recruits

Captain Dog 5: The Invasion

Gear Edit

Chihuahua hand/feet bands

Chihuahua laser pistol

Vehicles Edit

C-7 Rocket