Agent K-9 is the new Chihuahua Spec Ops Agents leader

Agent K-9
Vital statistics
Position Leader of Spec Ops Force
Age 20
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6, 2"
Weight 103 lbs.

History Edit

Agent K-9 is the one who blew up the Catforce tanks and stopped the nuclear bomb from hitting Chihuahua City. He also was assigned to go to a Catforce Base in the Asteroid Belt, but crashed in the crater of an asteroid in his space-plane. He used his Bugatti Veyron SS to drive out of the crater but crashed it into a large rock. In the same comic, he shot a laser into the barrel of a tank, thus overheating it so when it fired again it exploded.

Appearances Edit

All K-9 books

Captain Dog 5: The Invasion

Gear Edit


Chihuahua Laser Pistol

Chihuahua Laser Shotgun (Elbow-band weapon)

Vehicles Edit

Sports Car (more precisely a Bugatti Veyron SS styled car)

Space Plane (formerly)