Count Catsalot
Vital statistics
Position Catforce Army Emperor
Age 38 (human years)
Status alive
Physical attributes
Height 9, 7
Weight 184 lbs.

History Edit

Count Catsalot is the main antagonist in 3 Captain Dog books so far.

Count Catsalot is responsible for trying to blow up Earth with a large stash of TNT. He also gets captured in Space Chase, but gets out of prison in Breakout. Not much is known about him, but his older brother is Lord Kittyking. He is the ruler of Catforce and is also a descendant of Catizalot.

Appearances Edit

Captain Dog 1: Super Nova

Captain Dog 2: Space Chase

Captain Dog 4: Breakout

Agent K-9 1: New Recruits

Gear Edit

Catforce Military-Grade TNT and weapons

Vehicles Edit

Catsalot Run

Count Catsalot running after Captain Dog.

All Catforce Military vehicles

Base Escape Pod