Captain Dog
Vital statistics
Position Chihuahua Agents General
Age 21 (human years)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6, 1
Weight 107 lbs.
"Looks bad, I'll throw a grenade at it!"

-Captain Dog when he sees the Catizalot Energy Source.

Captain Dog is the leader of the Chihuahua Agents Forces.

History Edit

Captain Dog's real name is Douglas Dog.Captain Dog's sidekick is Super Pup, which he found in a Catforce Mobile Prisoncell. In Super Nova, Captain Dog invades Count Catsalot's space fortress finds a large cache of TNT replaces it with birthday cake, and imprisons Catsalot. In Space Chase, Captain Dog uses his Chihuahua Wrist Band to summon his spaceship and chase after Catforce Shuttles. He lands on an asteroid and invades Lord Kittyking's base and finds Superpup. In Swamp Attack, Captain Dog finds Wolfie trying to catch Kittyking but crashing in a swamp. In Breakout Count Catsalot escapes prison and is caught by Officer Bob, but speeds off in the Sea Kitty, sinking it in the process. Count Catsalot escapes to Catizalot Planet to active the Catizalot Energy Source, and Captain Dog follows. Then the Inhuman Military attacks Catizalot Planet, forcing Captain Dog to escape. In The Invasion Captain Dog and and K-9 try to chill out over some lemonade, but Chihuahua City is attacked by Kitty-Hawks they are forced to fight. Soon they find out that these are piloted by the Inhuman military, not cats. Then the Military's mother-ship and bombers come in, and Captain Dog's bi-plane plus all the other Chihuahua forces are getting shredded! Suddenly a blur streaks out of Chihuahua Tower, blowing up the mothership and bombers! When the identity of the blur is revealed, Captain Dog and K-9 are astonished. It is the Chihuahua himself!

Gear Edit

Captain Dog uses grenades, as seen in Breakout

Captain Dog also has a Chihuahua Wrist Band

Captain Dog uses a Chihuahua-Powered Laser Pistol

Appearances Edit

In all Captain Dog/Agent K-9 comic books

Vehicles Edit

Spaceship (Wrist-band vehicle)

War Jeep (turns into Biplane)